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Film - Rumble in the Jungle
World Fighters

A documentary film on the struggle, hope and dreams of Filipino boxers, trying to be the next Manny Pacquiao who climbed up to the very top from deep bottom.

Shot in Las Vegas, Mindanao, Manila, Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo and San Francisco in 2013.

People don't give away their seats on trains to elders, no one helps blind persons, children are in the great man-made danger of radiation, men treat kids and women like products in Japan ... an ex-boxer stood up to patrol in towns, teamed up "Peacemakers", visit schools to give peacemaking lectures, write books and make movies. 

Books and movie DVDs we make are donated to a number of schools.

Youngsters are encouraged to change the world instead of ending up as just another conformist.

Being a boxer is tough. Living just an every day life in the streets of the Philippines is 1000 times tougher. Ex-boxers and coaches started sending boxing gears and supplies to the Philippines in 2012. 

"World Fighters" is what we call ourselves.

Unless fighters apply strength in order to help others, there's no point. 

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